Established in 2009 in Bucharest as a creation atelier, Rhea Costa was received with high acclaims both by the public and specialist press, being recognized for its fresh approach of the balance between power and femininity.

Rhea Costa is recognized today for the subtle way through which each garment is adapted to the different body types, styles and cultures, proving that “Every woman is unique.”, regardless of the cliche, is a truth: serial production is a thing of the past.

With handcrafted statement garments, each Rhea Costa piece becomes a manifesto for the couture that transcends exclusivity and steps into every day, conserving its rigorous attention to detail.

From the studio in Bucharest where Andreea Constantin designs and attends on every dress from pattern to labelling, Rhea Costa is sold worldwide and can be found in departments stores and high end boutiques throughout Central Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Russia.

We use couture techniques to produce garments that require a high percentage of highly skilled manual work for each product. The results are truly unique garments of high value, that stand the test of time.

It takes 7 people and around 24 hours to complete a lace embroiedered dress: cutting the top, machine sewing, fitting, applying and fitting the zipper, cutting the lace piece by piece and hand sewing it, followed by a final fitting, with quality control at every step.

Rhea Costa label is made entirely in the brand’s facility in Bucharest, Romania, employing highly skilled specialised work force, with fair wages. We offer an equal opportunities environment to more than 50 employees within a company culture that fosters innovation and creativity.

Design and production atelier that follow the organisation of a couture atelier, investing in craftsmanship and infusing innovation into heritage.

“The zipper is the most important part of the process, requiring special techniques. Having the perfect back curve is what defines our body-con dresses.”

Perfect fit for each size and body shape, as each product is designed in different versions, and each size tested on real size women, ensuring flawless fit and total comfort.

Sourcing the best fabrics from carefully selected suppliers from Europe, ensuring constant top quality in all Rhea Costa lines, spanning all seasons. We strive to choose partners with good reputation of ethical production practices and traceable records of supply chain.

Our main supliers are: Solstiss, Elitex, Chambutaire, Ricamificio Levi, YKK, Tft, Rafanelli, Marco Lagatolla, Jean Bracq and Swarovski.

We put geometry in the service of a design that is both body and earth conscious.

Innovative creative process, integrating production parameters and sales projection for an efficient use of resources, ensuring close to 100% stock fabric usage in an effort to address the isuue of production waste.

“I love to create, cut and apply manually new fabrics over patterns. I love the process of reinvention, both in materials, process and relationship.”

“Your culture is our know how”

Adapting design to the particularities of the different markets in terms of style, length, coverage, colors, fabrics, from the design and pattern making stage